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Shaker 500ml

Contents: 1x Shaker 500ml 0 capsule/ dias

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4-piece shaker bottle for perfectly mixed protein shakes

 Lumpy protein shakes are a thing of the past!

Super smooth shakes at the gym or on the go

With the SlimJOY Shaker Bottle, lumpy protein shakes are a thing of the past. Thanks to the carefully designed concave-shaped strainer, you get to drink silky-smooth and creamy shakes every single time.

For best results, try filling the shaker about 1/3 full with the liquid of choice before adding powder. Add more liquid, leaving some space at the top. Shake it vigorously and voilà! Drink it up to refuel after a workout or take it with you to support your diet on the go.


100% leak-proof




Made in EU

Perfect shake every time

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